InCube Chess Help

InCube Chess Help

Play Chess Game

Learn how to start new game, choose game options and play against human or computer opponent.

Game Rules

In this section you can learn game rules and how they are different from standard rules of chess game.

Customize Battlefield

Read about customizing battlefield. You can setup almost everything: colors, grids, animation types.

Computer opponent

There is computer opponent in InCube Chess. This chapter discusses some aspects of its algorithms and how it can be interesting to use it.

Save And Load

Game can be saved at any moment and restored later, this may be done in couple of various ways. Learn about saving and loading game in this section.

Sending Feedback

It is possible, while playing with computer opponent, you may find some situations, that as you think, it should have moved another way. If you think you've found a bug in computer opponent logic, you can read about how to send feedback in this section.

New to InCube Chess?

About InCube Chess

Read about InCube Chess creating, theoretical aspects of chess game in three dimensional space and gameplay.

Game Rules

Learn about game rules and how they differ from standard chess rules.


Have a look at screenshots with various situations and battlefield settings.

More Information

What's New In This Release

Finer battlefield look and feel, faster drawing, little changes with pawn-to-queen conversion and lots of smaller fixes.

Anticipating Future Versions

Depending on users feedback, future versions may include more powerful computer opponent, networking game and gameplay improvements. Make sure to add a comment in app store with request of features that you would like to have.