This chapter talks about customizing cube and some game behavior aspects.

In order to open preferences window do the following:
"Game" > "Preferences"

Game preferences window on "Battlefield" tab. You may customize game cube look: grids, cube "water" type effects and intensity, background color, whether to provide move hints (with green star by default) and pieces billboard option, that allows you to see all pieces clearly even if cube is rotatng.
Game preferences window on "Colors" tab. Colors for all components of the cube can be changed here: pieces, moves, selection halos and more. Still, default colors for most of things are good enough and better to stick with them. For example, showing covered pieces with "blue" rather than "green" may be fun but does not look logical.
Game preferences window on "Eyecandy" tab. This tab allows to customize the following: halo type/scale, animation options (whether to do some animations or not), move sounds and whether to show structure wire on cells with move markers or not.

All the changes, that you do in preferences window, get applied to the game immidiatelly. You just need to close the window and go playing.

If you have mixed your seetings up (especially colors) and don't know how to get back to some scheme that you like better, you can use "Reset" button. It will get your settings back to default values. Whatever options you choose in preferences window, they will be saved. Next time you run the program, your colors and other options will be used.

There are some menu items, that not really belonging to preferences but also affecting battlefield look. They are zoom in/out and full screen.

In order to use them, please follow these instructions:
1. "View" > "Zoom In" - zoom in battlefied.
2. "View" > "Zoom Out" - zoom out battlefied.
3. "View" > "Enter Full Screen" - switch to full screen mode (Lion only).

Zoom in and zoom out may also be changed with mouse or touchpad. In order to do so, use scroll gestures (touchpad) or scroll button on your mouse.