Take a look at some screenshots that may be interesting to see. They show some of game functionality and how it may look like.

New game
New game window with allowed options. Easy to choose players and computer opponent type (if any). "Start" button or "Enter" key equivalent will start the game. And "Cancel" button or "Esc" key equivalent close the window.
Game preferences window on "Battlefield" tab. Preferences allow to customize your battlefield or look and feel in almost any way you like. "Reset" button can be used for getting back to "factory" settings.
Game paused
Paused game with shown moves for black queen. While on pause, you can select any piece (even opponnet ones) to see what moves it can do and what pieces are covered or attacked.
Same as above with grid turned on and halo on selected/covered pieces. Grids allow to see more structure and where the move can be done. In same time it makes things less clear in some situations. This is why it is customizable instead of being turned on all the time.